ORF Mission Statment

The purpose of the Okanagan Rhythm Fest Co-operative is to establish a Community Service Cooperative that will act as the lead organization to administer and present the Annual Okanagan Rhythm Fest (ORF), and to serve its primary mission to:

    a) unite intergenerational, low income, Ethnocultural and the General communities in the Okanagan and surrounding areas through educationally interactive workshops and performances with a focus on Rhythm that educate the public about the culture, language, or traditions of an ethnocultural community or communities;

    b) help people from disadvantaged communities to overcome social exclusion and isolation through capacity-building and community development initiatives;

    c) improving relations between communities for the elimination of discrimination and racism;

    d) develop annual school based programs that promote performances at ORF, and assist with ORF fundraising, promotion and presentation;

    e) provide opportunities for local artists to gain exposure to these communities and develop working relationships that foster innovative programming within art disciplines;

    f) facilitate collaborative planning between Members;

    g) secure funding to enable the Association to achieve economic sustainability to fulfill its goals and to provide for the needs of its members;

    h) facilitate joint promotion and the marketing of members and their interests, to better serve interests at the regional, provincial, and national level;

    i) pursue other priorities as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time;